Saturday, 24 March 2007

Best book read in 2006

This was by far my best read in 2006. Unpublished in England I ordered it to be delivered, and had to wait an excrutiating 4 weeks for delivery while everyone on BookGroupOnline kept raving about it.

The Amazon synopsis: Living in a modern-day Europe under Nazi domination, Peter becomes caught up in the deadly reign of terror controlling his world when he is arrested for bearing a false identity, escapes an Nazi prison camp, and joins the Underground Home Army, a revolt against the evil of the Nazi political machine.

Doesn't do this book anywhere near the justice that i deserves. The books creates a different world, completely recognisable as the one we see around us but warped by a different type of political control. You love and hate various characters, wince and want to hide from some of the violence and cheer when things go well. And despite the fact that your arms feel like they are going to fall off with the weight of the book you are too caught up in the book to put it down.

An excellent read.

If you have read this book feel free to comment or leave a link to your own review.

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