Sunday, 17 November 2013

The Classics Club Spin

The Classics Club are having a spin this Monday, I have to pick 20 books, number them 1-20 and then they will pick the number and I have to read that book by the end of the month. I'm only picking books on my TBR as I'm on a buying ban this month. I've put them in the suggested categories but them muddled the numbers up.

Twelve Months of Classic Literature5 I am dreading:
5. Dombey and Son - Charles Dickens
3. Moby  Dick - Meilville
17. The Brothers Karamakov
15. The Master and Margarita
11. The Lord of the Rings

5 I can't wait to read
7. Invisible Man - Ellison
6. Hunger
4. The Namesake
12. Gilead
19. Snow Country

5 I'm feeling neutral about
1. Jude the Obscure - Thomas Hardy
10. North and South - Gaskell the choosen book
13. Gulliver's Travels
14. Crime and Punishment
9. Don Quixote

5 Free Choices
8. Howard's End
2. Orlando
16. The Princess Bride
20. Dora Flora and her Two Husbands
18. The Sea, The Sea


Karen K. said...

I really liked North and South, but Elizabeth Gaskell is a favorite. Good luck with the spin!

Brona Joy said...

We share Master & Margarita with this spin :-)

Good luck.

katrina said...

I'm glad I got North and South because after saying I wasn't that bothered about it I have seen so many reviews on book tube with people who rave about it that I'm not really looking forward to it