Saturday, 12 October 2013

Hour 4

I've only managed to read for 1hr and 44 mins so far, but I have been cheerleading and entered two mini challenges so far, plus got two loads of washing done.
Here is my entry for Capricious Reader's spine poetry challenge (I'm no poet, but like a challenge):
Where I belong:
A single pebble,
Rivers of London.
The Maze Runner

I will be back in hour 6 with my own challenge :)


Nat said...

Sounds like you're getting a lot of things done today! Keep it up!

Have you read Rivers of London? It's a lot of fun! I'm waiting for the right time to read the third (or is it fourth already?!) book on the series. I think today was actually a good day to read it. Huh.

ANYway, have a glorious day. I loved your mini-challenge idea, by the way.

Happy reading!

Anonymous said...

I too am very intrigued by Rivers of London, I have heard great things. It looks like your readathon is going fab so far, keep up the good work!

You may be sleepy, you may be tired,
But your dedication is most admired.
If you’re wilting don’t despair,
A cup of tea/coffee will get you there!


Team Bear

P.S. I adore your owl cushion.