Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Top Ten Books I just had to buy....which are still sitting on my shelf unread.

1. Love by Toni Morrison, I read one of her books and just has to have a few more..a good 5 years ago.
2. The Peacock Throne, Loved the cover and couldn't resist buying it but have had no compulsion to read it since.
3. The Mad Woman in the Attic, Gilbert and Gubar because I wanted to feel like a university student again.
4. A Human Being Died that Night, Eva wrote a great review so I ordered it straight away.
5. Affinity, Sarah Waters once I read one of her novels I had to read them all. I've since read 2 of her books which she has published since this purchase.
6. Don Quixote a desire to be more 'well read'.
7. Peter Pan, J.M Barrie because I just 'had to' have this edition.
8. The Bible, because I was told literature students would need one, never used in the 12 years since then.
9. Yellow Dog, Martin Amis because I thought he was an author I should read.
10. The Brothers Karamzov because I thought as a literature student I should read Dostoevsky.

This meme can be found over at The Broke and the Bookish


Anonymous said...

My shelves are full of books I thought I had to have to be a good literature student too. Hmmm....

ComaCalm said...

I have Peter Pan too, but only because Chris Riddell illustrated the cover of my copy!

I have Fingersmith by Sarah Waters because I saw Affinity on TV and quite enjoyed it.

gautami tripathy said...

I have Beloved by Toni Morrison and Crime and Punishment in my list!

Here is my Top Ten Picks!