Sunday, 23 January 2011

The Sunday Salon: If I wasn't being a good girl...

I'd have brought the following books this week.

The Idiot by Dostoevsky. I'm reading two Russian books at the moment, and quite fancy a Russian theme running through the year but only have one on the tbr stacks. This one caught my eye not just as its one of those that if you're doing the Russians (sorry for the bad English, I've been watching and reading Educating Rita at school), you should have tackled; but also because it's translated by Pevear and Volokhonsky whose translation of W&P I'm loving.

The Kreutzer Sonata by Leo Tolstoy. As above, because I'm loving W&P and want to read the Russians. But also because of the Oh-so-pretty cover. The Penguin Great Loves series all have lush covers.

And finally,

Indian Killer by Sherman Alexie, because I want a good YA to take with me for the flight to New York (4 weeks today I'll be there!!!), I have many on my shelves already so I should read those, and rely on the Alexie audiobook that I have on my trusty old iPod.


Anonymous said...

I'm interested to hear about 'The Idiot'. I would love to have those beautiful Everyman's Classics edition. They look so good and the typesets are nice.


katrina said...

I have a few of the hardback editions - required reading when I was at university. They are nice to read.
Maybe when my buying ban is up this will be one of the few I'm allowed.

Gavin said...

"War and Peace" has me interested in reading the Russian as well. Taking part in the TBR dare is keeping me from buying books but your new ones a lovely!

katrina said...

These are the books I would buy if I was allowed to buy books, I'm on a book buying ban st the moment, untill the mountain of books starts to diminish.

Gavin said...

Oh, I miss-read your post! I'm on a book buying ban myself and am pleased with my TBR Dare results so far. I will be adding more Russians to my TBR list this year.