Sunday, 15 November 2009

My Thoughts: The Knife of Never Letting Go

Be warned this is a gushing post!!!!!

So, everyone in the blogging world has read this book except me. And everyone I know who reads will soon be badgered into reading it!
The Knife of Never Letting Go is set in an alternative world where women don't exist (or so he thinks) and where everyone can hear all of your thoughts and no secrets can be kept (or so he thinks). A month before his 13th birthday, the day he, the final boy, will becaome a 'man', he discovers his world is a lie. And he has to run for his life.

When I opened the first page and saw that there were words like 'thru' spelt in text language and the punctuation reminded me vividly of that of some of my kids at school I considered putting it aside. I'll just read the first chapter I said to myself. It didn't take a chapter for me to be gripped, by the bottom of the first page I was emersing myself in Todd's world. The punctuation ended up being a massive driving force. The lack of full stops, the pages with the disjointed sentences running down the page created a frantic pae to fit the frantic mood.

I accepted things which in other books would have made me sigh at the complete lack of reality. I read grimicing through the violence, the 'CRUNCH' I could hear in my head and see vividly in front of me, and boy did my stomach turn.

In short I was fully emersed in this world, and may have to go and buy the next book as 27 people are ahead of me in the library reservation queue!

You can read here a story set before The Knife of Never Letting Go starts, which Ness wrote when he was writer in residence for the Booktrust website

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Bart's Bookshelf said...

Yay! A new fellow disciple!

Can't wait to see your thoughts on The Ask and the Answer!

Nymeth said...

Welcome to the fan club :D And it gets even better!

katrina said...

There is a kid at school who has the school copy, and she is a month late returning it, I'll be searching her out and prying it off of her if I need to!

Vivienne said...

I am so glad you enjoyed it too. You definitely need to get the second one too.

Rhiannon Hart said...

You will NOT be disappointed by The Ask and the Answer. It's even better. It that is possible!

Louise said...

I loved this one and am definitely in the fan club. So far I am the only one I know who was less thrilled with the sequel.

katrina said...

The sequal is in the post on its way to me, I can't wait!